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Alerts - BlackBoard phishing scam - Update: January 3, 2017

  • The OneClass Chrome Extension has code in it that will collect student’s login credentials to any website visited while using Chrome and send the information to offsite servers with malicious intent. This code can collect personal information such as banking information, health information, etc. There is significant risk for identity theft if you have already installed the OneClass Chrome Extension. Red Deer College can do very little if anything, if you install this plugin and your personal information is stolen. If you have installed it, we urge you to uninstall it.

  • Thank you to UBC for providing more detail above about the phising scam.

Alert - Blackboard Phishing scam

  • There's an ongoing phishing incident with Blackboard student users with serious security implications that can impact your personal information privacy.
  • The scam: Students are being encouraged online to install a plugin on their Chrome browser called ‘OneClass Easy Invite’. The vendor of the plugin is a company called OneClass whose line of business is to obtain and distribute student class notes for profit.
  • The plugin works together with Blackboard as follows: once installed, the software does the following:

    1. It obtains the list of all students in all courses that the user student is enrolled in. It then sends unsolicited commercial email (spam) to each student on that list with the goal of having the recipient install the plugin.

    2. It captures any *username and password* that is entered in the browser where the plugin is installed. It inputs this information to a Google scripting service which, we believe would be managed by OneClass but we don’t know for sure.
  • At the moment we are only aware of the security and privacy threat associated with this malware through blackboard, we do not know what else the plugin does when installed on your personal device, so please do not click on a link you are not sure of. Blackboard has been made aware of this. We’re working on:
  • Notification to users not to install the plugin. (this announcement)

    * Request that users uninstall the plugin
    * Request that, after uninstall, passwords be reset.
    (Contact 403-342-3580 if you require assistance with this)

    In the meantime, we ask you not to install this plugin, or any other suspicious plugin. If you think you may have been compromised, please contact the IT Services Service Desk at 403-342-3580.

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